About this blog

Perhaps you froze, or maybe you acted too quickly only to experience less-than-desirable results.

Whatever happened, challenges at work are … challenging. Solving them requires a solid set of professional business skills.

Over the past twenty years working both within industry and as a consultant, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a diverse group of people: talented colleagues, cool clients, trusted friends, skillful adversaries, those whose agendas I’ve yet to understand, and perhaps a few troublemakers.

Performing a wide variety of roles and working with such a diverse group of people is a thrill. It also presents an interesting set of challenges to solve. That’s the fun part.

Over the years, after solving particularly interesting challenges, I would document the situation and the solution into a journal.

This blog is a report out of my journal entries. My goal is to share the challenges and solutions with you, to collect your feedback to make the solutions even better, and to help answer your interesting work-related challenges.

In short, this blog seeks to answer the question “How to handle that?” by applying proven professional business skills.